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Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python

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As part of our effort to provide tech education to students in a virtual setting, The Dynamics has officially launched its free 10-week Introduction to Computer Science and Programming course!

As of Wednesday July 7th 2021, all course matriculants will be able to attend weekly virtual classes via the Zoom application, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. Our tutors have the necessary knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver a high-quality and engaging learning experience. The Dynamics’ philosophy of hands-on education means that students will actively be developing their programming skills during the lessons and will be given the tools to practice by themselves! Of course, our staff is online 24/7 in case a question/concern arises.

It is the pupil’s responsibility to have the necessary equipment. This includes a laptop/computer able to run Python and a relatively strong internet connection. We encourage you to download pydroid on your smartphone if you don’t have a laptop/computer.

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