The Dynamics

The Dynamics

what we do

Furthering our cause is very important to us and we do that in so many ways. Find out below!

The future is STEM

STEM is often regarded as the backbone of a sustainable future but the income and gender gap in STEM fields is quite alarming, this is why we create opportunities for Gen Z to explore STEM.


We host workshops all year round to empower all people of underserved backgrounds and marginalized genders. Whether it's to help them write their first code or create robots that solve global challenges.

Mentorship Programs

We connect bright young students to mentors that help them pave their career path in STEM.


We organize events such as conferences, Hackathons, and virtual meetups. Where you meet like-minded people from different diversities and discuss or create innovative solutions to global challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our programs are 100% free.

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For now, our programs are virtual but we intend to go in-person soon

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