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over $250k in Prizes at Codetivate Hackathon, what will you Code?

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Codetivate is in 15 days and I am more than excited. Do you know that guy who can turn bananas into a remote control for TVs and controllers for Game consoles? aka the founder of Makey makey?  He’s gonna speak 🙂 

We hope you can also make frogs sing rock ‘n’ roll after watching him speak XD.

Zach Latta, Founder of Hackclub, Forbes 30 under 30, The guy who printed a 3d printer with a 3dprinter, dropped out of high school to make things and empower makers will be giving a keynote speech + AMA at our opening ceremony. Wait, did I mention that Elon Musk donated $1 million dollars to Hackclub after previously donating $500k in 2020

Imagine coding something wearable. Well, guess what? ImagiLabs already made that possible! The Co-founder and CEO, Dora Palfi, will be giving a keynote speech to inspire our Hackers particularly females.

Ever heard of the Nigerian Robotics Engineer, Dr. Olusola, who designed a Drone that could combat the Boko Haram terrorists who ceaselessly kill and kidnap innocent people? He’ll host an intro to Robotics and AI workshop and you can also watch the bright young trainees at RAIN, one of Africa’s first indigenous FAB LAB grade makerspace demo their cool projects.

That’s a lot of nerdiness hahaha. Let’s go non-tech-savvy a little bit. Pretty as webflow, easy as notion, functional as WordPress, that’s what a typical website made in Typedream, a no-code website builder looks like. One of the Co-founders will be hosting a workshop at Codetive Hackathon.

Are you excited about Codetivate? Haha me too.

Remember my words: In an ever-evolving world, the future will be defined by those who see lines of code while others see jargon.

See you at Codetivate!


Ibrahim Opeyemi Salami,  Founder and CEO of The Dynamics.



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