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The Dynamics
The Dynamics

Connecting Bright Young Women to the World of STEM

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Technological advancement stemming from the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century brought about the rise of notable pioneers in various STEM fields. However, we at The Dynamics believe that there is a severe lack of parity between the genders in such fields and related professions. Until now, women have only been awarded 3.8%, 1.9% and 5.4% of Nobel prizes in Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine, respectively. The following metrics reveal that this disparity is still present today.

Key statistics:

The Dynamics’ mission is to raise the percentages mentioned above. We wish to eliminate the barriers that women face when attempting to obtain recognition in STEM and to cure the serious underrepresentation of females in scientific fields, both in academia and in the workforce.

Thus, we have decided to offer various resources to female students across the globe, all with the aim of giving relevance to women in STEM. Most notably, we organize conferences and seminars to discuss the role of women in science and to introduce solutions to gender inequality. Additionally, we are about to launch our ‘Women in STEM Mentorship Program’ that will pair young students with a mentor, offering them valuable experience and advice.

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